Robert J. Johnson

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These are pieces I have completed in March and April. The room painting with the stained glass window, “The Discussion” evolved from a photo I saw in the newspaper. I only used the setting and added the figures.

I taught in the Chicago public school system for 30 years, and then was the Director,  Bureau of Art, Chicago Public Schools for 5 1/2 more years until I retired 27 years ago in 1992.  Since then I have continued creating art and exhibiting it. 

I would like to hear your reactions and thoughts about my work. Go to the top of this page and click on the various entries to view the work.

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 Robert J. Johnson

466 Shadow Creek Drive

Palos Heights, IL. 60463



Relevant                      Director, Bureau of Art, Chicago Public Schools

Experience                  1987-92   Retired


                                                Art Teacher, Chicago Public Schools



                                                Art Teacher, Bremen Community High School

                                                Midlothian, IL. 1957-59



                                                 Professor, Figure Drawing / Printmaking and Teacher Education

                                                School of the Art Institute of Chicago 1957, 1991-2001


Education                  Illinois Institute of Technology-  

                                    Institute Of Design 1964-67

                                                Master of Science in Visual Design and Art Education


                                                School of the Art Institute of Chicago  1955

                                                Bachelor of Art Education 



                                    McCord Gallery &Culture Center

                                    Palos Park, Il.

                                    Emerald Isle Exhibit

                                    April  2019

                                     Tall Grass Gallery

                                    “ Pentimento, The Art of Reworking Art”

                                    Jan. 19- Feb. 23, 2019

                                    Park Forest, Il

                                    Concordia University

                                    Ferguson Art Gallery

                                    River Forest , Il.

                                    50 Paintings “ Paintings of Daily Observations”

                                    Jan. 14 - Feb. 23 , 2019


                                    John H. Vanderpoel Art Museum

                                    Oct. 1- 31 , 2018

                                    Chicago, Il.


                                     McCord Gallery & Culture Center

                                    August  24- September 29 , 2018

                                    70 pieces - sculpture and paintings

                                  Tall Grass Gallery  3 pieces

                                  Park Forest, Il

                                  Nov. 2017 -Jan. 2018

                                  South Shore Arts

                                  Salon Show 2017

                                   Munster, Ind. 

                                   September  2017


                                   Moraine Valley Gallery

                                   Palos Hills, Il.

                                    July 2017

                                   Moraine Valley College

                                   Atrium Gallery

                                   Palos Hills, Il.

                                   15 Drawings and paintings

                                    October - November 5, 2016

                                    Tall Grass Gallery

                                    Park Forest, Il.

                                    August - Sept.  2016

                                     Moraine Valley College Gallery

                                    2  Pieces   June 4 - Aug 1, 2016

                                    Palos Heights, Il

                                    Ferraro  Gallery  4 pieces

                                    Three Oaks Michigan

                                    April 2016

                                    Union Street Gallery,  3 pieces

                                    Chicago Heights, Il.

                                    November to December 2015

                                    Tall Grass Gallery,  6 pieces

                                    Park Forest, Il. 

                                    November to December 2015

                                    Tall Grass Gallery

                                    Park Forest , Ill.

                                    August  to  September 2015


                                    Moraine Valley College Gallery

                                    June  to July 30 , 2015

                                    South Shore Arts -  Sub Station 9 Gallery

                                    Hammond, Ind.  April to June, 2014

                                    22 Paintings 

                                    “5830 - Memories of My Home”

                                    Moraine Valley College

                                    June to July 2014

                                    Palos Heights, Il.


                                    South Shore Arts Gallery

                                    Crown Point, Indiana

                                    Jan. to March 2014

                                    30 paintings  “Discovering the Forest 

                                    Union Street Gallery

                                    Chicago Heights, Il. 

                                    December 2013 

                                    Cliff Dwellers

                                    200 S. Michigan

                                    50 Paintings “Discovering the Forest”

                                    November-December 2013

                                    Moraine Valley College

                                    June -July 2013

                                    Palos Heights, Il.

                                    Cliff Dwellers

                                    200 S. Michigan

                                    Chicago Il.

                                    December 2012 - 25 paintings

                                     Union Street Gallery

                                    Chicago Heights, Il.

                                    August 2012

                                    Moraine Valley Gallery

                                    June 2012

                                    Palos Hills, Il.

                                    McCord House Gallery

                                    May 2012

                                    Palos Park, Il. 

                                    South Shore Arts

                                    October 2011

                                    Munster, In.

                                    Tall Grass Gallery

                                    August 2011

                                    Park Forest , Il.

                                    Trinity College

                                    Palos Heights, Il.

                                    July 2011

                                    Moraine Valley  Community College

                                     Gallery 2011  June 1 to August 3

                                     Palos Hills, Il.

                                      South Shore Arts

                                      67th Annual Salon Show 2011

                                       Munster, Ind.

                                      Tall Grass Gallery

                                      July 2010

                                      Park Forest , Il.

                                    Chicago Artists Coalition

                                    April 2010,  Chicago


                                  Union Street Gallery

                                    March 2010

                                    Chicago Heights, Il. 


Cliff Dwellers

                                    August to October 2009



Beverly Art Center

                                    March 2009



Tall Grass Gallery

                                    December 2008

Park Forest, Il.


Moraine Valley Gallery                                             

                                     June 2008


 McCord House

                                     Palos Park, Il. 2008


Union Street Gallery

                                    Chicago Heights, Il  2008


                                    The Cliff Dwellers

                                    200 S. Michigan Ave.

Chicago, IL. 60604- 2007


Concordia University

                                    River Forest, Il. 2006


                                    2006 Chicago Art Open

Zhou B. Art Center  2006


Union Street Gallery

                                    1527 Otto Boulevard

                                    Chicago Heights, IL. -2006


                                    CCT. Gallery

                                    Northwestern University - 2006



 St. Xavier University

                                    3700 West 103rd St.

                                    Chicago, IL. - 2006 


Union Street Gallery



Vietnam Museum  2004


                                                 7th Annual , Chicago Open -2004


Loyola University Crown Center Gallery 2004


Northwestern University Settlement House

CCT Gallery 2003


Cliff Dwellers , Chicago



The 26th Annual Alice Baer

                                                Art Competition & Exhibition 2003


Beverly Arts Center -2003


Chicago Art Open 2002


59th Annual Salon Show

                                                Northern Indiana Arts Association 2002


17th Annual Juried Art Exhibit

                                                John Blank Center for the Arts

                                                Michigan City, Ind.-2002


4th Annual Chicago Art Open

                                                October 19-27, 2001


3rd Annual Chicago Art Open

                                                November 9-18, 2000


                                                Norris Gallery -Vicinity Show 2000

                                                September- October 2000


                                                Cliff Dwellers Invitational

                                                August- September  1998


                                                In Flux- In Flex

                                                Art Institute of Chicago Alumni 3D Show       

                                                September-October  1998


                                                “Churches: A View from the Expressway”

                                                The Cliff Dwellers January- February  1998 


                                                The Art Institute of Chicago Alumni Show

                                                The Cliff Dwellers September 1997


                                                Art Barn, Gallery North

                                                New Buffalo, Michigan May- June 1996  One man show -73 pieces


                                                Irish American Heritage Center

                                                October  December  1995 One man show - 27 paintings


                                                Cliff Dwellers Club     

                                                One man show - 18 paintings September  1994


Bob Johnson